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City Year
Greater Boston

While Boston’s nickname is The Hub, known for being a vibrant center for academia, business, tech and medicine, some students in Greater Boston face significant challenges every day. Together we can help students build on their strengths and thrive.

Making an impact in Greater Boston

We analyze student data throughout the year to inform and improve our work in schools. In partnership with Boston and Everett Public Schools, our evaluation team leverages both qualitative and quantitative data to ensure our AmeriCorps members are providing targeted, effective interventions with students. Our evaluation and coaching team:

  • Identifies and recommends students who would benefit most from AmeriCorps members’ targeted support.
  • Monitors student progress every six weeks to determine specific skill gap areas in literacy and math, social-emotional skill strength areas, and attendance trends.
  • Observes AmeriCorps members working with students and guides them through applying quantitative data to specific action steps with students.
Make a meaningful gift to support Boston and Everett students today

There are few resources more valuable to a school than committed, well-trained, focused corps members . . . City Year corps members develop strong relationships with students which deepens the student’s connection to the school and motivates them to achieve.

Robby Chisholm principal of Condon K-8 School

increased their average daily attendance rates, leading to more than 21,000 hours of recovered learning.

of students

improved their performance on district reading and writing assessments.

of elementary school students

improved their performance on district math assessments.

students supported

in Boston and Everett public schools since 2011.

Year over year, City Year continues to expand our service to support more Boston and Everett students and schools.

Since 2011 (when we started serving full time in schools), we have leveraged public funding, corporate sponsorship, and private investments to reach over 12,000 Boston and Everett Public Schools students. Some milestones include:

  • Supporting more than 66,820 total students through our Whole School, Whole Child program, which creates a positive, engaging school climate for all students.
  • Expanded from serving in just 10 schools to 29 different schools this year, including five high schools.

Contributing to a clearer, bolder vision

of what public schools can and should be for all children: places of learning, exploration and risk-taking, where every student feels safe and connected to the school community.

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