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Where Service Happens: Buffalo Collegiate Charter School

The School Where We Serve

Buffalo Collegiate Charter School (BCCS) was founded in 2018, originally working with grades 4 and 5 with the goal being to become a fully enrolled 4-12 grade school by 2025. BCCS has made a commitment to their students to be an anti-racist, inclusive environment where students are given the resources they need and deserve to succeed and achieve their goals. To provide those resources, BCCS adheres to four core beliefs, which are as follows:

  1. Achievement is a mindset
  2. People matter
  3. Every moment counts
  4. Culture must be intentionally established

In line with these beliefs, BCCS is one of many schools affiliated with City Year that utilizes restorative justice practices, such as restorative circles. These circles give students an opportunity to discuss topics usually ignored in educational settings, and help to develop them as socially and emotionally mature individuals. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in setting expectations for different environments in the school, which encourages teachers and staff to treat students with respect, as well as giving students more stake in maintaining said expectations. 100% of partner teachers agreed or strongly agreed that City Year’s priorities are aligned with the priorities of BCCS and that City Year AmeriCorps Members help the students of BCCS feel a sense of Belonging.

About Our Students

As of the 2021-2022 school year, Buffalo Collegiate Charter School works with students grades 4th through 8th, with 318 students currently enrolled. 57% of the students are female and 43% of the students are male. 77% of the students are black, 14% are Hispanic/Latino, 4% are multiracial, 3% are white, and the last two percent is split equally between Asian and Native American. 9% of the students have disabilities and 83% are economically disadvantaged.

The six AmeriCorps Members of the BCCS Team are divided up into six classrooms full time throughout the school where they provide academic support to the students, attendance monitoring, social-emotional coaching, and general classroom management. In these classes, the BCCS team has also worked with school leadership to identify 60 students to receive additional academic support and personal lesson plans to enhance their learning gains. Outside of this classroom support, the BCCS Team also supports whole school initiatives, events, and extracurricular activities.

Meet the BCCS Team

The team serving at The Buffalo Collegiate Charter School is led by Impact Manager Hannah Dickson, a two-time City Year Alumni, and Service Leader Sarah Wilson.

Sarah Wilson
Service Leader & Second Year AmeriCorps Member, She/Her/Hers

Sarah is returning to BCCS, after serving here last year, and works with Partner Teacher Mark Goff. She is originally from Syracuse, New York, and graduated from Goucher College. She decided to join City Year because she hopes to work in youth media production programming, and City Year has given her the opportunity to work with students. She serves because she wants every student to be able to recognize their potential.

Nahida Parveen
AmeriCorps Member, She/Her/Hers

Nahida is partnered with Mandy Kerkeslager and is originally from Buffalo. She graduated from Buffalo State College with a bachelor’s degree in History. She decided to join City Year because she wants to gain experience and leadership skills, as well as communication skills.

Freddy Aguirre
AmeriCorps Member, He/Him/His

Freddy is originally from San Diego, California and his partner teacher is Cedric Mondjii. He serves to contribute to a higher purpose than himself and build upon the community. After his City Year, Freddy is interested in Marketing & Sales.

Priscilla Anderson
AmeriCorps Members, She/Her/Hers

Priscilla works with Partner Teacher Jordan Bookbinder and uses her love of reading to engage her students. She is originally from San Diego, California, and graduated from the University of California with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She serves because she understands how important it is for children to have a support system. Injustice is something that she wants to actively work against, especially at schools. Every child should have a nurturing school environment with many opportunities.​

Jae Dingle
AmeriCorps Member, She/Her/Hers

Jae works with partner teacher Ny Williams and is originally from Maryland. Prior to joining City Year she worked with AmeriCorps NCCC and used to tutor 4th graders. She joined City Year to gain additional experience to advance her career goal of becoming a teacher. She serves because you never know when or where someone will need help.

Jeremiah Dempsey
AmeriCorps Member, He/She/They

Jeremiah is partnered with Kate Harden and is originally from Hagerstown, Maryland. He serves because he believes that children are the future, and the education system is supposed to be the great equalizer. He hopes to make whatever difference he can in the lives of those whom the education system has failed.​ After he completes his City Year he is interested in pursuing a career in Politics and/or Law.

Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about the team serving at the Buffalo Collegiate Charter School. If you would like to learn more or meet the team, virtually or in person, please reach out to Brock Monroe, Development and Communications Manager, at

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