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Honoring the Legacy: National Cherish Black Women Day

Dear Resilient Black Women,

You embody royalty and strength, forever reigning as queens and warriors. The indomitable spirit that shattered the chains of slavery and ushered in freedom was led by a black woman. Mrs. Harriet Tubman, an iconic figure of her time, selflessly guided men, women, and children away from the harrowing abyss of early 19th-century oppression. Her valiant efforts became a cornerstone upon which the power and resilience of black women were built.

Black women have etched their legacy by revolutionizing and setting exemplary standards in numerous facets of life. Their innovation has touched our daily existence by creating essential items such as the hot comb, hair straightener, and various hair care products that continue to enhance our lives. Their inventiveness extended to crucial household items like the ironing board and the first home alarm system, not to forget the pioneering development of menstrual pads, which have provided comfort and convenience for women.

Black women are far more than what society may perceive, and they’ve risen above the limitations imposed upon them. They have not allowed societal constraints or prejudice to define them; instead, they’ve charted their own path to empowerment.

A black queen embodies the qualities of a nurturer, caring for her loved ones and her children. This selflessness traces back to the early 1800s when women endured countless sacrifices to secure a brighter future for their offspring. Black women have been at the forefront of countless protests, sit-ins, and marches, tirelessly battling the social injustices that sought to imprison their minds.

We express our profound gratitude for your unwavering love and support. The struggle and sacrifice of being a woman of color transcend what many can comprehend. Your efforts to communicate your feelings often resulted in unfair labels of “angry,” yet you’ve also proven your ability to excel as mothers, partners, and providers.

We thank you for your unwavering dedication, for being able to give your very best with the limited resources society provided, and for rising above the hopes of some who wished for your downfall.

A blessing from God is the black woman; a prayer answered is a black queen. This poem is dedicated to you, our black queens. Your legacy will be cherished for generations, a testament to your enduring commitment and resilience.


Love and Melanin

By: Angelica Davie


Little black girl

So sweet and caring

Inspiring and loving

Devoted and courageous

Not a care in the world; all love to give.


Little black girl

Lost in a world full of distractions.

But still optimistic about what life is.

Little black girl

So sweet and caring


Grows into a Black woman,

So independent and beautiful.

I love your curves and your kinky hair.

I envy your strength,

I salute your courage,

I am in awe of your beauty.


Skin of chocolate, heart of gold.

Inspired by your excellence and control.

Mother of Africa and voice of the nation.

You speak your mind with poise and confidence.

You sacrifice and love.

Dedication to my black women.

Thank you for being a blessing.









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